A Quick Overview

Chauffeured Motorhomes offers personalised travel experiences for guests that require more than a standard packaged holiday. Our services allow guests to choose destinations, timetables and catering at a very individual level.  This level of service suits corporate clients, seniors, celebrities, people with mobility issues, politicians, in fact anyone that requires a totally flexible travel itinerary and premium service. If you have further questions please check here.

The Vehicle

Chauffeured Motorhomes operates a 2011 Coachmen Mirada Class A motorhome (class A is based on a dedicated motorhome chassis and has a flat floor throughout). The vehicle is 11 metres long and, with two slide outs, very wide. There is sleeping and seating for 8 but normally guests are limited to 4. It is totally self contained so free camping is an option in remote locations. It has all of the facilities expected of a premium motorhome. Check here for vehicle details, and here for a gallery.

Your Travel/Tour

Chauffeured Motorhomes are here to give you service. Whilst we do have some pre-planned tours these normally become modified by the guests, sometimes prior to the tour, sometimes along the way. You choose the route, you choose the stops, you choose the meals; whilst on the road it’s as though the motorhome is yours. Tours vary from simple B&B style travel to fully hosted and fully catered experiences. Meals can vary from good homestyle cooking to camp oven and BBQ fare over a campfire. Check out some of the pre-planned tours here.

Your Hosts

Julie and Graham Meyer dedicate themselves to you having a fantastic, memorable experience. They will provide you with quality meals, detailed information on the locations along the way hopefully some companionship. If you would like some more info on your hosts then just click here.

  • Ultimate holiday adventure vehicle.
  • Ideal for Australian and International travellers.
  • Tours for people with mobility and health issues.
  • The ultimate wedding ‘car’.
  • Corporate travel, office & accommodation at remote locations.
  • Celebrity and VIP travel and accommodation.
  • Special events transport, office and accommodation.
  • Girls day out luxury vehicle.
  • Travel and accommodation at remote concerts.
  • Luxury personalised travel for seniors.